25 agosto 2007

Set stories free... 1

I knew it. I knew her name from the firs day I popped out of the box: Alice.
I was put with some creatures, I did not know their name at the time, but soon enough, a brave young lord, grabbed me by the ears and dropped me off at the street, where a nice family. They had whiskers as me; they called themselves cats.
When Molly and James found me by their wheelie bin they named me “the rabbit furry toy”. I did not like it. It was a very long name. I’m glad she changed it when we got home. She… I recognized her the moment I laid my eyes upon her heart-shaped face: my Alice. Alice was three when we met; she named me Michelene. I’m her cat. She does not think looking like a rabbit has anything to do with –being- a rabbit. That would be ridiculous!

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